April 24, 2008

Construction Zone, Present and Future Dog Park, Edge of the Pearl District, Centennial Mills

Twelve years ago I was walking in the "old industrial area" and decided there that I wanted to live in this grey, misty city that smelled like brewing beer. I don't mind the Pearl District, but I do miss the brewery and a lot of the old buildings. I hope they don't mess up Centennial Mills.

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Bill Sharp said...

There are things I like about the Pearl but I miss the old industrial feel to it. When they started they were renovating old buildings into living space but now they just tear them down and build mini-skyscrapers.

I hate to say it, but I fear for the Centennial Mills. I love that old hulk but, at the least, it's going to be crowded all around with shiny condos.

You got some beautiful shots of it. I've never seen from down there, only from the bridge of the across the water.